Josep Tobella collaborates with other prestigious institutions in the screen printing sector and is frequently in demand as a speaker, organizer and adviser at exhibitions and seminars, also as a judge in some of the most influential competitions in the printing industry in Spain and abroad. His long experience and his commitment to the printing industry make him a respected figure in Spain. Today he is involved with the following institutions:


FESPA Spanish Association /  AEDES

Aedes was founded in Madrid in 1989. Its main aim is to promote screen printing and digital printing. This association organizes courses and seminars, participates in national and international trade shows, exhibitions and fairs, edits publications and reports on the printing sector and collaborates closely with FESPA. Josep Tobella is a cofounding member of this association and has always been part of the Board. He is now president.

FESPA Federation of European Screen Printers Associations Located in London, FESPA currently operates in more than 37 countries and represents the majority of screen printers and digital printers in the world.



In 1988, in collaboration with the Salesian School of Sarrià (EUSS) and the ACS (Catalan Screen Prining Association), Josep Tobella created from scratch the “Academy of Screen Printing”. Initially the academy was located in the same building as the department of Graphic Arts. The academy was open to everybody. Up until 2006 Josep Tobella was directly responsible for all the training courses. During this time the school won 7 Awards in national and international competitions. Today the academy is part of the Graphics Arts department and teaches only Salesian School’s graduate and non-graduate students.



Based in Madrid, Indespre is dedicated to distance learning. From 2003 Josep Tobella has written on-line screen printing courses for them and has done many sessions of online tutoring. He has also given on-site training courses in companies and institutions and, in cooperation with Indespre, has helped them to obtain a subsidy.