Suppliers management and special products

Do you find it hard to find a particular printing ink?

Which printing machine is better to improve your production?

Is it possible to implement a new production system?

Josep Tobella offers you his expertise, guidance and support. He can advise you, train you and help you to find the product you need.  He has no vested interests, being neither a manufacturer nor distributor, but offers truly independent advice. Moreover, once you have chosen the product or machine that suits your needs, he will contact the manufacturer for you.






If you are looking for high quality professional technical translation from English into Spanish, we can provide you translation of documents, manuals, norms, catalogues, reports, dossiers… any topic related to Graphics Arts in general and Screen Printing in particular.

Technical and specialized translations.

Would you like to translate your technical text from English into Spanish?

Do you want to be certain that your text is accurately translated into the targeted language and your data would remain secure?

Highly complex Graphic Arts have their own language. A good translation must reproduce accurately and precisely the message. The best way to achieve this is Texts are translated by a professional translator and reviewed by an expert in the field. We offer this service to foreign companies that want the opportunity of making their products known to possible new customers.