Josep Tobella

Josep was born in Barcelona, Spain. Since 1971, he has devoted his professional life to screen printing, running his own business, holding the position of Director of Operations in printing companies and teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students.

He is the president of FESPA Spanish Association (AEDES). In addition to this he collaborates with other prestigious institutions in the screen printing sector and is frequently in demand as a speaker at industry meetings and conferences.

His mission is to promote screen printing in graphic arts and industrial graphics by sharing the possibilities of new applications as well as by training in the use of screen printing on an enormous variety of materials.

He also works as a consultant and teacher for a number of companies and institutions.

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Screen printing courses for companies

These courses are designed to solve challenges that you may have, especially, as new products, applications and techniques frequently enter the market. A continuous and customized training helps you as professionals to update your knowledge and establish a competitive edge.

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Technical consultancy

On-site and/or on line consultancy services will help you to solve all your doubts, improve your performance and make the most of your business opportunities. Choose to pay by service provided or request a monthly payment plan.

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Special supplies

We provide you with information on suppliers of market leading screen printing products and services that may be of interest to you. This includes information on a wide range of matters from machinery to special inks. We also have a specialized and technical translation service: from English into Spanish.

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Screen printing is a technique with multiple applications and uses. Today it is in competition with digital printing. Hence screen printing focuses on offering new possibilities such as unique finishes using inks and effect varnishes.

Ink passes through a mesh allowing screen printing to apply ink layers of different thickness on the printing surface and use pigment particles up to 500 microns in diameter. Other printing systems can only apply ink layers below 8 microns in diameter. Digital printing can also apply large amounts of ink, but its process is far slower. Digital printing can only compete with screen printing on limited editions, where it is cheaper.

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Join FESPA 2013

  • March 3, 2013

From 25th – 29th of June, the landmark exhibition FESPA 2013 will take place in



Techniques and Practices in the Screen Printing Process.
Text Book and Multimedia Course.

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